Dec. 11-13, 2024 | Austin, Texas


Your guide to a stronger car wash business.

Find Your Route to Greater Profitability

Three days, three different focus areas. All at the Fairmont Austin.

Choose the Destination that aligns with your needs, or join us for the full trip.


Wednesday | Dec. 11 PEOPLE

For Marketing & HR Leads
The first marketing & HR event made for car wash pros. More

Gain insights for attracting customers and retaining your crew — and then break those insights down into action plans you can implement right away. Our content-focused People workshop features four concurrent sessions designed for car wash owner operators, marketing pros and HR experts, as well as an interactive space to engage with companies offering state-of-the-art marketing and HR solutions.


Day 1


Thursday | Dec. 12 PRODUCTS

For Owners & Operators
Fresh innovations to enhance your operation. More

See the latest (and yet-to-be-released) products and technologies, in a different way. Our Products day is part new-solution showcase, part launch pad, and filled with immersive experiences that help you envision new possibilities for your operation. You'll find solutions for your wash, your customer experience and your operations that you've never seen before and opportunities to vote for your favorite innovations — plus exclusive offers that put them within reach.


Day 2


Friday | Dec. 13 PROJECTIONS

For Car Wash Executives
An inside look at where your industry is headed. More

Dig into the data behind emerging trends and be part of discussions that drive the industry forward. Our Projections day brings executives from both the vendor and operator sides together to explore proprietary research findings from International Carwash Association (ICA), the nonprofit organization behind the industry's leading resources. Contribute to conversations about the consumer, market, consolidation and customer insights that the research reveals — and leave better prepared to future-proof your business.


Day 3

Where Innovators and Executives Connect

If you have a new (or about-to-be-launched) product that provides a fresh approach to common challenges in the car wash world, you belong at ROADMAP. Developed by the International Carwash Association specifically for industry leaders, this new event provides unequaled access to C-suite professionals and unique ways to highlight the value of your solutions.



See What’s In Store



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A New, Focused Event for Car Wash Leaders.

Staying on top of trends takes time — time that wash owners, CEOs, operators and HR and marketing executives don’t have. Roadmap by ICA provides unique opportunities for discovery and future planning, with each of the event’s three days dedicated to a different, specific facet of your business.

Whether you choose to attend one day or the entire event series, you’ll get the practical knowledge necessary to ensure you’re driving your operation forward — not just along for the ride.